I really look forward to helping you plan the perfect maternity session!  Remember, it's an all female studio so no worries!  I gained over 70 lbs when I was pregnant with my son, so I understand first-hand when a mom-to-be is hesitant to take maternity portraits.  My first priority is to produce portraits that you will love to share with friends, family, and to display in your home.  Don't hesitate to text, call or e-mail me with any concerns or questions.  I'm always here to help make this a wonderful experience for you! :)

Be sure to bring boy shorts or hipsters, whichever you feel flatters your figure.  I have a variety you can use, but you'll want to bring a thong to wear under them, just like trying on a swimsuit.  If you prefer to bring your own bring black, white, but you can also bring polka dot, or any other fun color!


Before your session we will have a phone consultation to discuss exactly what you would like for your portraits and we'll discuss your comfort level as far as nude portraits, partially nude, or being wrapped in fabrics.  You will need to bring a strapless nude bra, especially if you are large busted, and a pair of nude and black underwear that are full coverage or boy shorts or hipsters.  I have found that thongs with a really wide lace looks pretty as well as boy shorts under the maternity gowns. It depends on how modest you are because the gowns are rather sheer.

If you are having nude portraits, I will show you the pose, let you undress, and then I will return to take the image.  It will just be us in the studio so you'll have complete privacy.  

(A Note: Be sure to have a bikini wax or shave around the bikini hair line!  The gowns can be modeled open in the front and with a few poses you may be able to see a small area around the front of your underwear.)

We will never take any portraits, or pose you in any manner you are not absolutely comfortable with during your session.  

I offer an assortment of custom maternity gowns along with shawls, bandeau bras, and a large assortment of fabrics to wrap you in for the session that you may select for your portraits.  You can also visit Becoming Mothers in Boulder, select any clothing you would like to wear for your session free of charge.  Simply give them your credit card, and after the session return the clothing undamaged, and they will refund your credit card.  Please note, DeLanda Licata Photography is not responsible should you damage the clothing.  You also receive a Mama Bucks coupon toward your purchase should you decide to keep any of the clothing.


Your ultrasound makes a cute prop!  Bring any other props that you may want to use too.

Be sure to wear bring a maternity outfit or maternity clothing that you want to leave the studio wearing and we'll take a few images at the very end of your session on a contemporary high-key (white) background as you are leaving.  These are great for sharing with friends and co-workers.

Sheer white tops, linen, etc., all look beautiful too, so bring a variety if you prefer.  Another option is to bring boy shorts and a matching tank.  These boy shorts and tanks look great and are a perfect option for images that aren't just undies.


If you would like a few traditional poses to share with family and friends featuring your belly covered you can still wear one of my gowns that's custom made for maternity portraiture.  Each gown is slit in the front so it can be opened or closed.  However, fee free to bring any maternity tops or dresses you feel are flattering to your skintone.  Examples of tops would be a white peasant style blouse, long sleeve colorful sweater, button down shirt, or any other top or dress that hugs your belly.  Any scarves, jean jackets, or other accessories are always a nice touch too.

Another suggestion is summer dresses or tops, depending on when your session is being held.  If you really like it and want to be photographed in it during your session, please bring as many items as you would like to your session.  I have a large dressing room and bath for your private use during the session.

Also bring your makeup, any accessories, brush or comb, and hair styling products for touchups, but please come with hair and makeup ready to be photographed.

If you have any sentimental items or fun accessories you would like to use during the session such as cross necklaces, or perhaps little pink or blue booties or shoes for the new baby that you would like to place on your tummy, your ultrasound picture, bring them with you to the session.  


Children and you spouse or partner should be dressed to coordinate.  Examples would be a solid black shirt, preferably with a collar, Polo style, no logos and dark jeans or khakis.  Please do not wear any clothing with logos.  The logo will have to be removed from each image and there will be an additional fee for the removal of the logo.  Also make sure the clothing you bring is ironed and fits you well.  I can not alter the look or fit of your clothing in Photoshop.  


Toddlers look great photographed in jeans without tops, up to the age of five.  If you are being photographed with other children, girls, please coorinate their dresses or we can wrap them in fabric.  Let me know ahead of time, so I can plan fabric wraps for your daughter.


Please arrive on time, but no more than 10 minutes early because I have sessions before you.  The session will last approximately 45 minutes of actualy shooting time, so please come prepared.  We'll have paperwork and products to go over so please arrive on time.  If you are late we unfortunately will not be able to extend your session time without the addition of an added fee.

I require the session fee in order to reserve a date and time for you on my schedule.  If you need to reschedule your session please allow 10 days notice.  Session fees are non-refundable. 

After the session your images will be professionally edited and placed in a private online gallery for you to view.  There is a $200 minimum purchase due from each session.  Please call for the current packages and specials. All prints, products, and the digital collection are sold separately.